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100% cotton shirt, dyed using only the finest organic and natural dunes. This shirt is not only stylish, but also eco-friendly, making it the perfect choice for the fashion-forward free spirit.

With 3/4 sleeves and a sophisticated, relaxed fit this shirt is perfect for any beachy or tropical getaway as well as for the bustling streets of large cities. The soft and breathable cotton fabric will keep you cool and comfortable all day long, while the natural dyes add a pop of vibrant color to your outfit.

Whether you're exploring the sandy and tropical beaches or strolling through a local city market, this shirt is sure to be a go-to piece in your wardrobe.

100% Cotton

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

We are a Toronto-based small business. As of today, we do not have a retail location, but it is out main priority to open a physical store in Toronto.

Are all of your products handmade out of 100% natural materials?

Yes. All of Essencia's pieces are handmade in Mexico by artisans honouring traditional technics. Mexico is a treasure of hidden villages inaccessible by the world at large. Each piece has its purpose, meaning, and technique that went into the creation, revealing enigmatic insight into long cultural traditions.

What is the NFT component of your brand?

Investors ourselves, we always look forward to any new innovative tech without losing our heads to the hype. One of the main and often misunderstood innovations that NFTs allow is a new way to participate in the community. Esencia's NFT is a way for us to have an intimate club of like-minded people. Each club member is entitled to unique membership benefits and access to a lively community.

Shipping and Delivery.

Even though we are currently focusing mainly on Toronto, we ship to other Canadian cities and the USA.